Friday, April 4, 2014

Trust, Not Hope

Lately, I came across an interesting quotation:
'God doesn't need our hope, he needs our trust.'

As a Christian this makes complete sense.  As a parent and educator it makes complete sense as well.  Do kids need our hope?  Or do they need our trust?  I recall being a careful observer with our past school counselor.  A student was making poor choices in his treatment towards a classmate.  Before she finished her conversation with him, her words have never left me:  'Can I DEPEND on you to make the right choices in the future.'  It wasn't:  'Can I hope' or 'Can you do this' but it was a level of trust she was seeking out.

As we work with students day in, day out, are we creating environments of trust?  Or are we just hoping that they will fulfill expectations?  Do we set them up for success by setting the bar where it needs to be?