Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Up to Your Neck in......Oobleck?!

'You may be a mighty king, but you're sitting in oobleck up to your chin.'
Dr. Seuss sure knows how to paint a vivid picture in his classic Bartholomew and the Oobleck.  Not only do we know the 'stickiness' of the situation King of Didd was caught up in, many of us can relate to that feeling.  The overwhelming 'to do' list, the piles of paperwork that need to be filed and the calendar that keeps moving us forward, regardless of our pace.  When we are 'up to our chin' in our quandaries, we can become selfish in nature, feeling like we are all alone in our frustrations.  Nobody understands our stress!  Calgon, take me away!

Last week, thankfully, I was forgiven by a teacher that caught me in my own pile of oobleck.  A simple request was made and I felt I didn't have the time.  I responded hastily, selfishly, and then by the next morning, realized the selfishness of my choice.  I  had become the king stuck in oobleck.  And when we become the king stuck in oobleck, it affects more than just the person in the mirror......

  'And so is everyone else in your land.'

What else could I do?  I had to apologize, I had to reconsider the request.  After fulfilling the duty, I felt good about my decision to back up and do the right thing.  I realized that even though I felt stuck in the muck, I had to power to get myself out and to hopefully affect those around me in a more positive light.

What happens when you get stuck in the oobleck?  What thoughts do you have and how do you get yourself 'unstuck'?